This game is made with Buildbox 2 when you buy this item you will get the Buildbox template and Eclipse project.

OffRoad Hill Racing is a Hill racing game with 5 endless worlds and 4 characters.



  • AdMob Banner and Interstitial ads

  • Game servers leaderboard

  • Share and More games buttons

  • Multi cars you can earn coins to unlock it

  • endless worlds

How to Setup and Reskin :

  • Import Project into Android Studio

  • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.

  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app

  • Change ID for Ad Networks.

  • Configure Game Center.

  • Change Atlases file with new images

  • Export Project and upload to Play Store.

APK Demo :

Source Code:

 OffRoad Hill Racing - Android Studio Project Template & Admob

Banana Monkey Kong 2 with new guns, trees, jungle and most important banana and bananas. 

Run and jump whit monkey kong and be the king of the jungle. 

Collect banana and bananas, be the king and the kong, 

collect weapons and armors, run through the jungle on wire and trees and collect 

 the most bananas. Banana Monkey Kong 2 adventure with full banana coins and monkey.

  APK Demo:

Source Code :

Banana Kong Run Android Studio Game Template - Admob Ads

Buidbox 3d,Buildbox 2.3.6

Play as an ape racing across beautiful landscapes, avoiding deadly obstacles, and collecting delicious bananas! 

At launch there’ll be 4 playable apes, each with their own attributes, and own sense of style. Bananas can be used as currency to buy stronger apes and handy power-ups. 



  • PNG. Includes
  • Android & iOS
  • Easy Set up ADS (Admob, chartboots etc)
  • Universal (phone & tablet)
  • AdMob Banner and Interstitial
  • Share buttons
  • Rate Button
  • Review Buttons
  • Simple Tap Game
  • Endless Game Mode
  • Online Leaderboards
  • 4 Characters 
  • 3 Special item
  • 24 Levels

 APK Demo:

 Source Code :

Speedy Apes Full Android Studio Template Admob  


Buidbox 3d,Buildbox 2.3.6 

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Buidbox 3d,Buildbox 2.3.6

Victor's Quest or jungle adventure is a journey of super Jungle boy. it's an android game platform styles like. with different world and levels, Easy to reskin. 

Video Tutorial How to Reskin

- Easy To Reskin
- Work with Eclipse
- Nice Graphics & Music

Easy To Reskin!
Follow the instructions in Help File.









Buidbox 3d,Buildbox 2.3.6


Ride the truck to the end of the world and show your best stunts!
Unlock all levels and trucks.
Drive your favorite truck and improve your skills with Rider!
Collect as many coins as you can so you can be 1st



Source Code


Truck Ride Monster Android Studio Template Admob Easy Reskin

Buidbox 3d,Buildbox 2.3.6 , reskin, mobile, free, nulled,

Speedy flappy bird Is one of the best project how you can buy in this domain , contain share with facebook and defeat your friends scores with leaderboard . 
you can also get you place for your other application and game with “MORE APPS” and an option for review for your game . 
This template is very easy to reskin, which includes Eclipse steps to import the project and export apk file.


Speedy Flappy Bird – Game template Admob Android Studio

This game is easy to play you have just to avoid cars enemies and earn coins as much as you can.


Multiple characters Three different cars 16 Enemies Speed button Multiple driving positions Four levels Endless Sound On/Off Share Button Rate Button AdMob Banner & Interstitial Chartboost Endless Mode Leaderboards Google play game services

Graphics, Intro image, sounds and Fonts All graphics, sounds, Fonts and other used files are in /android/assets.



Speed Cars Game  Android Studio Project - Easy Reskin - Multiple Cars Admob